Saturday, September 13, 2014

Retro Iron Man

Here is a drawing that I have been waiting to complete for a few weeks, I have been a little busy lately. This is Iron Man, or at least what he looked like in the 1980's comic books. If you are unfamiliar with the origin story of Iron Man, you probably should pick up the 2008 movie titled Iron Man. Please do, I'll wait...

Ok so for this drawing I started out with a rough sketch in pencil and then scanned it into Photoshop to finish off some of the designing. I originally had the character straight, but decided to tilt him counter clockwise in order to give the drawing a more dynamic feel. While still in Photoshop I changed all the pencil lines into blue lines, so that after inking I could use the magic of Photoshop to make them disappear. For this inking process I used a quill pen although I normally try to use brushes exclusively. The benefit of this is that a pen tends to give a more steady and less organic line, which is perfect if you are drawing something metallic or man-made. Here's the drawing and I'll have some more soon!