Monday, December 23, 2013

Captain America Christmas

Sorry I have not been posting lately. I have been busy this month sending out pencil portfolios to different comic companies. I also lost a few days due to my birthday and Christmas shopping. Lately I have also been studying in order to better my graphic design and draftsmanship.

In between all of this I was able to squeeze in my newest creation, Captain America. I did not ink this due to time constraint, but it will be inked in the next weeks. I have been trying to challenge myself to create more dynamic and action filled poses. Also I am starting to try and fill in areas to be solid inks in the future.

This is my last post til after Christmas, so here is a little holiday doodle. Have a happy and safe holiday!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Muddy Colors

Just found the website Muddy Colors ( Christmas has come early for me! Please forgive the short post, I'm in information overload at the moment. If you are interested in creating art in anyway, be sure to check out the site!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Digital Dinosaur Head

I am starting an epic journey, and you are welcome to join me! It is to the magical land of digital rendering. Here is one of my first digital sketches. I am going to try and start making more of these along with actual sketch book works. These are not meant to be amazing complete works but more like fun homework for me.

Digital is really a huge skill to have these days and I really need to get with the times. I do have experience with painting but I am going to have to do a lot of research to get effects that I would like with digital painting.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dinosaur Sketches

Here are some quick sketches I created yesterday. I am starting a sketch book so that I can experiment with new materials and methods with out any fear of messing up a illustration. For these drawing I focused on using the sable brushes and ink. I also used my ink pen. I was just normal sketch paper so the ink bled through the page. I think I will invest in a more heavy duty sketch book.

As for the dinosaurs, this is most likely not the last time that you will be seeing me draw them.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birds of Prey - Page 6

I worked on this page this weekend. I would have liked to have finished it last night, but sometimes it's nice to take your time. I tried to keep this page a little cleaner and more presentable than the last few.

The story continues with the Black Canary receiving the news to bust up the meeting. Huntress and Canary talk about their strategy to take out the henchmen. The Huntress resorts to starting a massive rumble pitting all the gangs against each other. Hopefully this doesn't sound too much like gibberish. Enjoy!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Birds of Prey - Page 5

Here is my second attempt at loading this up, my power keeps coming on and off. Cross your fingers this works!

I was locked indoors today because of a epic ice over here in Dallas. So I basically spent today working on this new page for my comic book portfolio. There are two pages before this one here on my blog.

The story continues with Black Canary and Huntress undercover at a henchmen meeting. There is a lot of dialogue but mostly the thugs just talking about their henchman rights. The Henchmen are complaining about how the villains they work for are abusive. "The Joker burned my face", "The Penguin poked my eye out", and "I got frostbite on my butt". The last two panels show the communication between the undercover heroines and their dispatcher, Oracle. She's about to give the go ahead to bust up this meeting. Keep a look out for the nest page, it will have a lot more punching!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Birds of Prey - Page 4

Here is the next penciled page for my portfolio. Halfway through the page I decided to buy a decent eraser, notice the difference? I can clean it up with Photoshop.

The story continues where the last page left off with our two super heroes in disguise (see previous post.) On this page the Huntress (Riddler looking lady) tries to bribe the security guard with her sexiness. It doesn't work so she knocks him out. Next they meet another guard (it's in the script and it's kinda redundant) and they have to leave their weapons. They then enter the main area of the warehouse where Gotham City Goons are rallying to gain union rights.

I had a weird time with this page, just because of some of the things called for in the script. For example the fact that they have to meet a second guard and the challenge of making it look like they are not outside talking to the last guy. Obviously the most fun with the last panel. The script calls on the artist to draw various Gotham city thugs.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Birds of Prey - Page 3

I'm back to work after a delicious Thanksgiving break. I spent some time over the break and realized that I need to update my comic book page portfolio so that I can submit my work to publishers. Sequential art examples are most important, maybe even the only thing that publishers look at if you are trying to break into the comic book industry. Because of this is it always important to have a good representation of your current skill level.

With that being said, this week I will be hitting the pages hard and trying to create as many as I can. This means that I will not be doing my usual character drawings this week. My goal is to send in portfolio packets to publishers in a week or two.

The first page I have created is from Birds of Prey Issue #74 (a previously published comic). In the story the Black Canary and the Huntress disguise themselves as Gotham goons in order to bust a Henchmen Union meeting. The Black Canary is wearing a Penguin henchman outfit and the Huntress is wearing a Riddler Goon suit, I know it's confusing. I kept smudging my eraser...