Sunday, April 30, 2017

Robot Stress - Acrylic Painting

This painting was inspired by my previous Robot Hand painting. My goal was to portray the human anatomy in robot form. I tried to take the anatomy a step further than my previous robot paintings by conveying different muscles and tendons. Additionally I wanted to express some time of implied emotion to the piece as well, but you can take from it what ever you would like.

The painting is 20" x 12" and 3/4" deep with white edges on canvas. If you are interested in purchasing this piece, it is for sale on my Shop. (

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Star Wars Space Battle - Acrylic Painting

I finished this painting about a month ago and I forgot to post it. This painting was inspired by my collection of Star Wars Micro-Machines and Rogue One. I have always been a huge fan of the space battles in the Star Wars. I often would fast forward through a lot of the other stuff just to watch them. I tried to incorporate a few new details from the movies such as "Blue Squadron". The film had not come out yet on DVD so I tried to get the Blue Squadron details as best as I could from the Rogue One trailers. I always wondered what a Star Destroyer hanger looked like, I tried my best to find reference. I should have waited a month or so because I just got caught up on Rebels and they seem to show Star Destroyer hangers often.

I started this project before I moved across state lines. For a long time it was just a star less sky with some sketchy fighters. I tried to put the fighters into groups with wing-men and such. I've been working with acrylic paints more lately just for the sake of drying time. One of the things that annoyed me about this piece was the canvas' texture. I wish I would have worked on a smoother surface because it was sometimes hard to get detail work to not look feathery. In all it was a fun project!

If you are interested in purchasing the piece or any of my other work please visit my shop or shoot me an email ( if you have any custom artwork request!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Aquaman Story - Page 1

I recently completed some new pages for the DC Talent Showcase submission and here is page 1. Last year I focused only on submitting a penciled work. I was always told to apply for what you want to showcase and work in. In the past I have tended to focus more on the components of a comic book illustration (penciling or inking) and practicing them individually. This year I decided to go ahead and do the whole thing.

Here is the completed first page. After the image, I'll walk you through the process that I used. But first, I have to give credit where it's due and that is to Kyle Webster for his awesome brush packs for the Adobe Suite. They can be found here. They are well worth your money and I have only begun to tap into their genius!

I wanted to convey a sense of depth with these images. I tried to make it so that object close to the waters surface had more color, and those that are further away turned more into the color of the water. I figured the deeper you would go the more blue-ish things would get. Also I wanted Aquaman's colors to stand out, both for focus and to imply that his suit had a bit of radiance to it.

So this is where I started. I made some story board images of the short story I had written. After I laid down my rough pencil layouts I started to block out colors with markers. Once I started coloring, I found that I tend to think more in colors from the start of the image making process. Inking is such an abstract concept to me, but coloring in stuff really help me understand the whole thing a lot better. Here are some of those sketches.

After that I penciled and inked it with a brush. Then plugged it into the computer and painted with Photoshop. This process worked for me and I will probably use it again in the future.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Captain America - In Color

Last night I opened up Photoshop and started to tinker around with some of my old illustrations. I wanted to keep experimenting with different ways of coloring my work. This time instead of trying to be detailed I thought about trying out a more speedy process, and this is what came out of it. It's not the cleanest, but it gets the idea across. I probably will try to refine this process and make it look a little better it I use it again.

Additionally I was messing around with my new digital brushes (Kyle Webster Brushes) doing some water color style paintings. This was before I started my Captain America coloring, so I just took out the sky and placed it in the background of Cap. Things are getting interesting and I promise new art is in the works!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Boba Fett - Kyle Webster Brushes and Flatting Colors

Hello there, so I know that this isn't the newest art, but I recently bought the Kyle Webster Watercolor brush set. I really wanted to test out these brushes on something and not have to create a whole new ink drawing. Plus I thought it would be interesting to put it up against my previous illustration done with real watercolors. My goal was not to create a replica, but to find some interesting ways that I can use these digital colors. I wanted the colors to have a somewhat flat look, with rough highlights, and soft darker areas. I am excited to use these brushes again and continue to find fun ways to use them. If you would like to purchase them visit: Kyle Webster Brushes they are well worth your money!

Additionally I know it is overkill for an image this small image, but I want to start developing better coloring habits so I created my own "Flats" for this image. So flatting an image is the process of lassoing in all the large areas in your illustration that you are going to color and coloring them in with any color. This allows you to keep this on a separate layer and select them later to selectively paint in later. Here is what mine looked like. Looks kinda cool. This is my first time trying this process but it wasn't too bad and in truth did make coloring way faster. If you want help with this process check out Paolo Rivera's Blog Post on the subject, he is amazingly helpful.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Boba Fett Watercolor Illustration

As promised I painted in Boba Fett with my new watercolor set. I was really excited to put these to the test. I haven't really used watercolor that much but it wasn't too frustrating. I mainly tried to work in layers and doing washes of color. On another note, I've been reading James Gurney's: Color and Light and getting some inspiration. One of the things that I am taking from the book is to be more limited and thoughtful with the colors I am using.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Boba Fett Ink Illustration

Christmas came and went, which means that I received some new art supplies! Thanks family and friends! I'm starting to get settled into my new home in Florida and have time for trying out my new gadgets. So this is one of the drawings that I didn't get a chance to ink at the end of inktober. I wanted to take my time and enjoy the process with this one. I started out knowing that I wanted it to eventually be watercolor, so this is on watercolor paper. For Christmas I got some new Winsor Newton Series 7 brushes (size 0 and 000), aka extra fancy brushes that make fine lines. I was amazed how smooth and easy to work with they were. For the gun and some of the armor I used my quill pen and I am fairly happy with the results today.

The next step is going to be watercolor. I received some watercolors for Christmas that I am itching to use.