Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Storm Sketch

Here's the latest. My sister is staying over and working on some art so I figured I'd make some of my own. Sorry for the picture quality, I made this one in a sketch book so my scanner didn't pick it up correctly. So this photo is from my phone.

Continuing my work on the female form, I decided to draw Storm. She a member of the X-Men. I don't think I need to explain her powers, kind of self explanatory. Enjoy.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Marvelous Women

It's been awhile! My absence has paid off though. I finally finished courses and earned a web developer certification. We shall see how that goes, but you're not here to hear about all that! All you need to know is that I'm back in the saddle. Let's get to the Art.

Recently I decided to work on some of my weak points. I have been studying architecture, cars, and the woman form. All stuff that kinda psych me out. None of which really are as difficult as I've made out in my mind. More drawing of that stuff soon, but for now here are the women!

The first drawing I will share was created today. I have only had time to create the pencil work, but look for some ink soon. The goal what to study the female form and try not to get so much of a superhero or supermodel form. I am more interested in challenging myself to draw diverse body types with women, instead of just having a go to form. I was using some cheap sketch paper that I bought second hand at work. It has a tendency to smudge, so I prettied it up as best as I could. This is Captain Marvel by the way. Ms. Marvel has superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and can shoot out energy beams. As for her history, I'm even a little confused on it sometimes. If you are really interested I would suggest reading her introductory comics written by Chris Claremont.

Here is the second drawing. This was done back in January, I know I've been a little late getting this one out. Just as before I was focusing on the female form yadda yadda. I don't think I mentioned this but I used a very helpful reference site for both drawings ( This drawing was created on bristol board with pencil. The character is names Phoenix. She was one of the original X Men. She was telekinetic and telepathic powers. She also was possessed by an alien energy thing called the Phoenix force, which took her over and then she died. Then she came back, then she died. I see a pattern here...

That's all for today, until next time!