Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Thing's Time Off

This is "The Ever Loving, Blue-Eyed Thing". Benjamin Grimm, aka The Thing, is a member of the Fantastic Four. I have been listening to Fantasticast Podcast a lot lately and I have been really wanting to draw The Thing. He is one of the most fun characters to draw. I often like to look at a single issue and count how many times the stones on his face change around. I would think it would be hard to keep it all coordinated from panel to panel. I drew him smoking a cigar because I seem to remember always seeing him with one. Not sure if they have changed that in the comics.

 This was a relatively quick inking job. I am trying to practice on my inking skills and try out different tools. I started out using my sable brush to ink this, then moved on to using my Kuretake Bimoji pens. Eventually I ended up using Photoshop to add some highlights instead of using my white paint. In all I think the lines came out way thicker than I wanted. The Debate was on in the background while I was inking this. I think I was half paying attention to what I was doing and pressing down too hard. I just stuck with it to see where it would go. I plan on coloring this piece in with some Kyle Webster Watercolor brushes, but my Photoshop is being extremely slow. Enjoy!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Wonder Woman

Currently I am working on a Wonder Woman commissioned painting. At the start of the project I created a few thumbnails to try and get used to the new film version of the her costume. This drawing was one of the thumbnails that were not picked for the painting. To be honest I am not a Wonder Woman expert, there are too many interpretations of her in different media. Maybe I am just not looking in the right place. Any way the painting should be completed in a few days and I will see if I can post it. In the mean time, this drawing was created using ink and these Japanese pens I got at the art store.

These are the pens that I used. I cant read what size they are so I always have to test them out. I am trying to work on my inking skills and learn as much as I can.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Cyclops and Havok

This drawing was inspired by my love for the X-Men. I frequently find myself looking through my old X-Men comics. I love the X-Men and their supporting cast. If you don't know Havok and Cyclops are brothers, thus why I drew them together. One shoots stuff out of his eyes, the other can kind barely direct his blast. They were separated at a young age in a tragic plane crash that "claimed" the lives of their parents. It wasn't until later in life that they met up again. Fun Fact: there is a third brother, but I chose not to include him because he is kind of lame and I pretend he never existed.

For this work I wanted to draw the relatively old school X-Men costumes. Yes I know Havok has a weird hat thingy...believe it or not that is how it is supposed to look. I used ink, pro white, and love to create this piece.

Cyclops and Havok

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DC Talent Search Portfolio

Wow I cannot believe that I completely forgot to post these! This set of artwork was for the DC Talent Search. They were created back in April in a short time span, but I honestly gave it all I could. The collection includes my most current penciled sequential page work. In the end, I didn't get called on by DC Comics but I am super happy that I pushed myself to complete this project.

The first set of pages are from Outsiders #52.

This next set is from JLA: Sinister Imitation.

Last here is a illustration of Aquaman: