Monday, January 30, 2017

Boba Fett - Kyle Webster Brushes and Flatting Colors

Hello there, so I know that this isn't the newest art, but I recently bought the Kyle Webster Watercolor brush set. I really wanted to test out these brushes on something and not have to create a whole new ink drawing. Plus I thought it would be interesting to put it up against my previous illustration done with real watercolors. My goal was not to create a replica, but to find some interesting ways that I can use these digital colors. I wanted the colors to have a somewhat flat look, with rough highlights, and soft darker areas. I am excited to use these brushes again and continue to find fun ways to use them. If you would like to purchase them visit: Kyle Webster Brushes they are well worth your money!

Additionally I know it is overkill for an image this small image, but I want to start developing better coloring habits so I created my own "Flats" for this image. So flatting an image is the process of lassoing in all the large areas in your illustration that you are going to color and coloring them in with any color. This allows you to keep this on a separate layer and select them later to selectively paint in later. Here is what mine looked like. Looks kinda cool. This is my first time trying this process but it wasn't too bad and in truth did make coloring way faster. If you want help with this process check out Paolo Rivera's Blog Post on the subject, he is amazingly helpful.

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